The Season of 2017-18 has been productive for XS Marines

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The Season of 2017-18 has been productive for XS Marines. Our XS63 boats have been extremely popular with sailors. During the season we launched six XS63 Seabirds. Four boats, Flotus, Egret, Verve and Trident were bought by owners from Mumbai and are being actively sailed for racing or charters.

Two boats, Sunita and Constellation were taken by the Goa Yachting Association and Constellation Yacht Club and were sailed from Mumbai to Goa in early October 2017. The teams were extremely happy with the performance of the boats particularly as they encountered stormy winds and seas during their voyage.

In March 2018 XS Marines launched its first 40-foot Racing Cruiser – XS40 Stargazer based on a Dudley Dix design- Didi 40CR. This is the second boat of its kind, the first being built in Australia. This boat is outfitted with the latest Harken deck fittings, spars from 3Line, rigging from Blue Wave, suit of North Sails, Marlow Ropes, a 33HP Sole Diesel engine. A spacious cabin allows for accommodation of 6 persons with a galley fitted out with a cooking range cum oven and a small fridge. Stargazer has been actively racing this season with the other larger Keel Boats off Gateway. XS Marines has a production agreement with Dudley Dix Designs to build the boat in FRP using Moulds created in-house.

XS Marines are one of the ISAF / WSF approved licensed Int. 420 Builders and the only one in India. We are proud to announce that nine Int. 420 sailing boats were built for the Indian Naval Sailing Association (INSA), two for the Army – EME Sailing Club – Hyderabad and recently we are in the process of supplying two Club/ Training 420 boats to the Krishnapatnam Port Authorities. These are double handed racing dinghies, very popular with younger sailors at college level and used as a stepping stone towards the Olympic Class 470 boats.

Our training Optimist Dinghy, the sailing boat internationally used for children between the ages of seven to fifteen years has also been well received.

May 2018 marks an important milestone for us. We have been awarded the sole Indian Dealership for NACRA, the North American Catamaran Racing Association. The NACRA 17 is the mixed Multi Hull – foiling Catamaran Olympic Class racing boat which takes sailing to the next level.

Two Deep “V” speed boat designs and moulds have been completed, the first suitable for manufacturing 22 ft / 20 ft Center Console speed boats accommodating 8-10 persons, designated WF 22 and WF 20 with center Console. The second mould is for a 33 ft Deep “V” boat designated WF 33 having two cockpit versions i.e. Center Console and Split Console. The boats are suitable for various applications like rescue, sports fishing, diving, patrolling. These would be most beneficial for the growing demand for Gateway-Mandva-Gateway services and cruises.

October 2018 and the new sailing season begins with the launch of two more XS63 boats. Li’l Nauti and Porsha will add to the growing fleet of XS63s off Gateway.

November 2018 saw the launch of our XS27 racing cruiser — Tikla Queen, another Dudley Dix design. The XS27 is based on the famous Didi26 platform modified to meet the local market requirement. Here too, we have an exclusive arrangement to market and build the boat under our brand name in FRP. The boat is offered with 80% Indian content including the Spars. The deck fittings are mostly Harken and some local items manufactured in-house, rigging from Blue Wave, ropes from Marlow. The spacious cabin accommodates 4 berths with a suitably large Toilet/Head. The internal layout may be modified to suit the client’s requirement.