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Avenue Consultants planned to diversify its tourism activities by venturing into the Boat Charter market in Mumbai.

Based on recommendations from the sailing fraternity in Mumbai, Alpana Chauhan, CEO of Avenue Consultants, decided to approach XS Marines to build us a 26 to 30  ft Sailing boat with a cabin. Considering their past track record and quality of the boats supplied in Mumbai we decided to work with them. 

XS Marines had the design for a 26/27 ft Sailing boat  – model XS27 cruising racer which had been modified to meet the requirements of the charter market in Mumbai. Their design showed  a comfortable spacious cockpit layout  for sailing, a small well planned  cabin with berths for 4 persons and a bathroom which suited our requirement for our new venture. The boat was designed to accommodate 6-8 people comfortably for a cruise around Mumbai Harbour in addition to the Skipper. The Deck is fitted out with modern sails , well laid out equipment making it easy for the Skipper to handle the boat with ease. A small folding dining table has been provided for the cockpit area allowing guest to relax and dine post the sunset sail.

Tikla Queen the first XS27 sailing boat was launched in November 2018 from Mandwa beach. We had a small launching party followed by sailing her back to Gateway where she would be moored for the sailing season. After sailing the Seabirds for cruising on some occasions the experience of my first sail on Tikla Queen proved that my decision to go for a cruising cabin boat was correct as it was really comfortable and a delight to sail.

Many of our customers have been extremely happy sailing Tikla Queen and have mentioned that, it was a delightful experience to go for a sail, be it in the early morning, at sunset or even a moonlight cruise. During the last year Tikla Queen has been successfully chartered out to families, for birthday parties or other small events and the feedback from my clients has always been positive. 

My experience with the builder – Sheri Bamboat of XS Marines has been extremely good / wonderful ( choose the correct word), he has kept me updated regularly  whilst  the boat was being built making the me feel, as if I was actually part of the team building the boat. Positive and practical  suggestions were made considering the requirements of the charter market and he ensured that quality work was done.

After sales service has been great and wherever improvements were required based on feedback, he has done them with without hesitation to ensure  improvements for safety and comfort in addition to the boat performance.

I would anytime recommend buying a boat from XS Marines specially for  anyone who has a love for the sea, be it his personal use or for  charter service.