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Cyrus HeerjeeXS Marines has revolutionized the construction techniques for the longstanding designs / models of the Seabird and the Lightnings being sailed in Bombay Harbour. I have been sailing these boats in our waters since the Seventies i.e. more than some 40 odd years and I can say that these new models / boats are a delight to sail.

The Lightning is ever so lively, it sails and handles like a dinghy. The seabird with its higher free board makes a drier sail and plenty of inbuilt buoyancy provides a much safer boat than the earlier version.

Some more positive features:
The lighter aluminium gaff too increases the boat’s stability.
The moulded one piece deck and coaming prevents the usual water seepage that occurs between the coaming and the deck joint in the older version.
The interior and the deck layout is well thought out so “there is a place for everything and everything is in its place” from the anchor to your sleeping bags and the cold beer.
The fittings are well placed and fixed on extremely ruggedly.”
On the whole both designs-the Lightning and the Seabird have been built with a very good finish and superb quality of construction.

– Cyrus Heerjee – Royal Bombay Yacht Club